What are the types of Volcano Vaporizers?

Vaporizers have been used as an alternative to burning paper or leaves that tobacco and cannabis sometimes come in, because it enhances the ingredients that users are trying to get, like the THC in cannabis, without the harmful effects a person would get by using rolling papers or tobacco leaves, while also reducing the effects of second hand smoke.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to vaporizers, so we have decided to review some of the most popular brands, so you can decide which vaporizer to buy. The first vaporizers we will review are the Volcano Vaporizers.


Why should you choose Volcano Vaporizers?

The Volcano Vaporizer, made by Storz and Bickel is one of the most popular brands of vaporizers, because it is built to last a long time, it gives great vapor quality, and is very easy to use. The Volcano Vaporizer comes with two different types of valve systems, the Solid Valve and the Easy Valve.

The Solid Valve is made from high quality stainless steel, and heat resistant plastic, and has customizable balloon sizes, which will require you to clean them, but will save you money in the long run, because you dont have to spend as much on replacement balloons. The mouthpiece and the chamber of the Solid Valve system are made from higher quality material than the Easy Valve, and last longer.

The Easy Valve is a more convenient system, because you dont have to do any cleaning, but it will cost you an extra $25-$60 per year, depending on your usage. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing between these two systems, its all a matter of preference.

What are the types of Volcano Vaporizers?

Volcano has two types of vaporizers, the Volcano Classic, and the Volcano Digital. The Volcano Classic is an analog vaporizer, it is cheaper than the digital version, which is good news for those trying to save some money, it has power settings from 1-9, but you have no way of knowing what the internal temperature is, so you have to play with the settings until you figure out the ideal setting for your use.

The Volcano Digital is an upgrade of the classic, it has a digital display that lets you know what the temperature is, and has temperature control buttons below the display that lets you easily adjust the temperature. A cool feature with the Volcano Digital is the 30 minute automatic shutoff timer, which is something the Classic lacks, and helps preserve the life of the vaporizer.

Advantages of Volcano Vaporizers

They provide you with the cleanest and best tasting vapor possible.

They are very durable, and built to last a long time.

There is no cleaning necessary, if you have the Easy Valve system.

They come with a 3 year warranty.

Disadvantages of Volcano Vaporizers


They are a little pricey.

They are not portable.

Can be loud when filling the balloons.


There are plenty of alternatives when it comes to vaporizers, but the quality of the vapor you get from Volcano Vaporizers, and the fact that they last for many years, makes them a great investment if you want to buy a vaporizer.

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