Atmos Rx Vaporizer Review

Portable vaporizers have become some of the most popular vaporizers on the market, because of the ability to take it anywhere with you, which allows you to be able to smoke anytime you feel like it. Portable vaporizers had a bad reputation when they first came out, because they were constructed poorly, and were too bid, which made them less portable than they were supposed to be. Now they are made from high-quality materials, and are designed smaller than they were in the past, making them the ideal travel companion for smokers.

One of the best vaporizers available to purchase is the Atmos Rx Raw Vaporizer, which we review below. Find more portable vaporizer reviews at
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Why Choose The Atmos Rx Vaporizer?


The Atmos Rx is one of the smallest vaporizers that are available to purchase, and can be easily taken anywhere, it is a very sleek battery operated pen vaporizer made from high quality stainless steel. With the Atmos pen vaporizer, you can heat and vaporize your herbs without the use of tanks. Because of its size, it has a smaller heating chamber, but it still produces high quality and clean vapor.

Unlike other portable vaporizers that take a while to heat up, the Atmos vaporizer heats up in 10 seconds, producing very strong vapor density. The Atmos vaporizer has a battery that can stay charged for a few weeks after it has been charged fully, so you dont have to keep a charger with you at all times. Even though the Atmos Rx is small, it is very easy to clean, because it can be taken apart easily.

When the Atmos Rx was initially released, it was designed to allow you to burn your herbs, and produced smoke instead of vapor, which made it an electronic pipe instead of a vaporizer. After receiving complaints from their customers about it not being a real vaporizer, they made adjustments and added a glass honey comb screen, which allows it to produce thick vapor.


Pros of Using the Atmos Rx Raw Vaporizer

  • * It is very easy to use.
  • * It has a great battery life.
  • * Very compact and discreet.
  • * Very good tasting vapor.
  • * It heats up quickly.


Cons of Using the Atmos Rx Raw Vaporizer


  • * It gets hot after using it for an extended period of time.
  • * It burns herbs quickly.
  • * If used without the glass honey comb screen, it burns the herbs instead of vaporizing them, which causes it to smell like it would if you were using a pipe.



The Atmos Rx vaporizer is a very well designed product that is also very compact, which is what people want when they are considering buying portable vaporizers. Having tried this vaporizer as well as some of the other top of the line vaporizers, I can say this is probably the best portable vaporizer I have ever used. The Atmos RX vaporizer is also built to last, so you dont have to worry about having to replace it any time soon. It is also reasonably priced, which makes it stand out above the rest of the portable vaporizers.

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